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Get your customers to interact with your business over USSD

USSD is the smart two-way engagement service on all networks. Customer simply dials a number to access a menu of your business self-service options.

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What Is USSD?

An example of a USSD code is *144#, used for checking mobile credit balance on some networks in Kenya.

A typical USSD short code starts with an asterisk (*) followed by digits that comprise commands or data. Groups of digits may be separated by additional asterisks and ended with a hash sign (#) — such as *714*12345#

USSD is perfect for services such as general self-service, payments, service information, entertainment and more. 

What's Special About Hubtel's USSD?

Hubtel’s USSD programming interfaces allows businesses and developers access to an easy-to-use platform to set-up interactive customer self-service across all mobile networks.

Better Self Service
Create and manage any USSD service on your Hubtel Unity account. Make a request of your preferred USSD Code, choose a convenient payment method; pay online via debit or credit card, mobile money or direct bank deposit; and then map your application to your USSD code. It’s that simple.

Easy Setup and API Integration
Use our SDK’s on Github to fast-track your application development. Run tests with our simulator and map your USSD code to your application.

Pay As You Go
Payment of USSD sessions is on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, giving you the flexibility to determine the right amount of messaging credit for your needs.

Receive instant and detailed reports of your USSD sessions and filter through to determine the performance of your USSD Value Added Service.

One Connection; All Networks.
Connect once to our platform and have access to multiple connections across all mobile networks.

How USSD Works On Hubtel


  • 1. User initiates a USSD request on any mobile network, from any handset by dialing a short code e.g. *714#
  • 2. User’s network operator creates a USSD session and routes it to the Hubtel USSD gateway.
  • 3. The Hubtel USSD gateway creates an HTTP request containing the session data to your application.
  • 4. Your application processes the request and replies as part of the HTTP response.
  • 5. The response is translated into the appropriate format and given back to the network operator.
  • 6. The mobile network operator finally delivers the message onto the user’s handset (displayed on screen)


What Are The Key Benefits?

Cost Efficiency
Unlike SMS, USSD is a lower cost two-way communication channel. A USSD-based self-service is far more economical than a live agent or an IVR system.

Fast and Responsive
Real-time and instant messaging service capability of USSD allows businesses to provide easy to use, responsive and fast menu-driven content services.

Interactive Navigation
USSD can be easily adopted to develop interactive, menu-based applications that demand faster two-way messaging services and navigation.

Reach Wider Audience
USSD is available on all mobile devices, including feature phones. There are no application installation requirements.

USSD Rates (Safaricom Only)

Bundle Profile
Test Bed
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Monthly Maintenance
Per Session
2 credits
2 credits

All rates are inclusive of VAT

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