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Discover  ways that our SMS API can help you rethink your customer communications. Our highly available REST and SMPP messaging API’s has the capability of handling millions of messages daily.

Features of the SMS API

Send Messages
Send bulk messages using a simple REST API to thousands of people instantly from your application.

Receive Messages
Enable two-way communication with your customers and allow them to text back replies via your own shortcode.

Scheduled Messaging
Set a later time to send your messages. This provides the flexibility of scheduling messages to be sent to users at convenient times.

Alphanumeric Sender ID
Let your brand stand out by formatting your sender ID using alphanumeric characters.This easily makes your messages identifiable on your customer’s mobile phone.

Receive Delivery Reports
Configure a webhook on your account to receive delivery reports of your messages. This helps you to programmatically monitor your messaging campaign performance.

Quick Start

  1. Head over your Hubtel Unity account and create your API keys.
  2. Go to Hubtel for Developers for detailed documentation on how to use the API.
  3. Download any of our SDK’s in C#, JAVA and PHP for quick development.
  4. Contact our support team if you need more help.

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