Tangaza College - Hubtel

Tangaza College

Their Story

Tangaza College is a Catholic University College jointly owned by the member religious congregations. It has its roots in Catholic Tradition, especially as planted and nourished in East Africa (the AMECEA region) through the missionary endeavors which spanned the late 19th and entire 20th centuries.

For over 30 years, Tangaza College has seen students from over 40 countries gain theological knowledge who are ministering in many parts of the world.

Our Solution

Using Hubtel has been the most effective solution to getting in touch with students and staff. Over the years, students have been more involved in their academic and extracurricular activities; giving them the balance they need in life.
Receiving these handy messages from the institution has made students’ life a lot easier and comfortable. Alerts such as deadlines to assignments, reopening days and exam dates has allowed students to effectively plan activities.

Impact on business

Getting in touch with students at a click of a button has never been easier. The best thing about Hubtel is the convenience it provides in sending information across within a short time, and the ability to know the status of each message sent.

Their Goal

Tangaza College’s continually prepares servant leaders to transform the church and society. It is also committed to providing an all-round quality education in an environment which promotes engagement among students, lecturers and staff.