Silversky Business Solutions - Hubtel

Silversky Business Solutions

Their Story

Silversky is an established fish products company that has been in operation since 2015. It has been operating a streamlined supply chain including its own processing plant, an in-house product R&D department as well as warehousing facility, while at the same time closely co-operating with raw fresh water food supplies.

Our Solution

Since the introduction of Hubtel in its mass communication efforts, Silversky has reached out to all their customers in different regions such as Busia, Nairobi and Kisumu as they expand their business nationwide.

Impact on business

Silversky has been able to offer top notch customer service by giving their clients firsthand information on activities relevant to them. No more delays in reaching out to customer and this is has increased revenues greatly.

Their Goal

Silversky aims at positioning itself as the leading lake food supply company in Kenya. It plans to maximize on the aquaculture by establishing a global sales network and in making branded aquaculture products available for the retail consumer market using Hubtel’s solutions.