Neno Evangelism Center - Hubtel

Neno Evangelism Center

Their Story

Neno Evangelism Center has in the past years, upheld the vision of undertaking great responsibilities to empower the church with knowledge on God’s standards of integrity and righteousness. The church is devoted to winning souls for Christ and increasing fellowship among Christian believers.

Our Solution

Neno Evangelsim has been able to reach out to their congregation, nationwide and viewers of their TV programme, ‘Neno lita kuweka huru’. Messaging on Hubtel has been a timely solution as their numbers kept increasing and it was prudent to constantly ‘shepherd the sheep’. This they have done conveniently, by sharing sermons, offering volunteer opportunities and receiving feedback in the form of prayer requests through Hubtel’s unique #Hashtag feature.

Impact on business

Since the introduction of Hubtel’s messaging solution, event attendance has increased and strengthened communication within members and the various departments. There has also been a great impact in evangelical growth because new converts are constantly sent messages and reminders for church events.

Their Goal

Neno Evengelism Center’s main focus is to win souls for Christ and in so doing, create a bond between church members and new converts. Contacting them via SMS was a sure way to engage these new converts without overly invading their privacy.