Herbalife Ghana - Hubtel

Herbalife Ghana

Their Story

An internationally recognized health and wellness company with headquarters in Los Angeles, Herbalife has been a customer of Hubtel since 2008 and continues to use our communication tools to promote interaction between its distributors’ network, club members and fans.

Our Solution

Herbalife since being introduced to Hubtel, generated more interest in its products through various SMS campaigns.
Keeping up with distributors has been more efficient because information is easily relayed, with constant reminders about available stock and payments due.

Impact on business

Hubtel has helped Herbalife achieve these results and more:

• Direct communication with multiple distributors at the same time

• Increase sales and product uptake due

• Payment reminder and updates on new stock options

• Improved member and/or fan engagement through reminders about healthy practices and tips on succeeding on the Herbalife weight management plans

Their Goal

Herbalife offers a wide range of science-based weight management products, nutrition supplement and personal beauty products, exclusively sold by independent distributors.

To make communication within the group easier, quicker and affordable, Herbalife uses Hubtel to contact members and distributors on the go.