Advanced Care Dental Center - Hubtel

Advanced Care Dental Center

Their Story

Advanced Care Dental Center (ACDC) is a dental care facility that specializes in pediatric services but offers top most dental care services to adults alike.

Our Solution

Advanced Care Dental, has been able to engage their patients by sending out reminders and informing patients of their scheduled appointments. Patients are alerted when their orthodontic cases/braces are ready for pick up from the clinic after an order or repair.
Hubtel has also has made it easy to communicate to clients about price offers in the different dental departments provided at the clinic.

Impact on business

Clients are able to remember and show up on time for scheduled appointments. Most of them, becoming repeat patients. Patients have been extremely happy with the customer care provided and believe Advanced Care Dental Center makes each and every one a priority at any time.
Since the introduction of Hubtel, it has saved staff time and helped them focus on providing the highest quality care.

Their Goal

ACDC realized a gap that needed to be filled in the Kisumu dental healthcare market; especially with regards to Pediatric Dental Services. They have been able to reach out and send alerts to patients on tips and general dental care. ACDC is set to be the benchmark for providing quality dental services and customer satisfaction.